At Rode Cycles we don’t try and baffle you with various bicycle service options, you either need a basic bike service that keeps you rolling or a full bike service that ensures your pride and joy is at its best. Therefore, we have two bicycle servicing options, the Basic and the Full.

We recommend a Full at least every 12 months and the Basic service for intermittent checks, i.e. before a big ride or before a cycling holiday for bikes that are ridden less often.


This is a thorough check of all parts to ensure a safe and effective ride.

  • Basic clean of frame and all parts. 
Ensure key parts are working correctly and are not damaged.
  • Tyres – assessed for condition and correct pressure.
  • Wheels – checked for damage and wear.
  • Front and rear derailleurs – checked for freedom of movement.
  • Chain – clean and checked for wear
  • Drive train rotors – checked for true
  • Brake calipers and pads – checked for wear and freedom of movement
  • Headset – checked for movement.
  • Bottom bracket – checked for movement.
  • Bars and forks – checked they are freely moving
  • Frame
gear – damage assessment and check alignment to ensure smooth transmission.
  • Gear and brake cables – checked for freedom of movement and re-greased.

*Prices do not include any replacement parts.


This is a full strip down, nut and bolt affair. Most other bike shops and mechanics will charge you £100+ for this one.

  • Full Strip down of parts from frame. Deep clean of all parts and frame.
  • Headset & Bottom Bracket – degreased, assessed for wear/damage, re-greased and reassembled. Bearings replaced if required*.
  • Gear cables – assessed, re-greased or replaced 
if necessary*
  • Front derailleur – assessed to ensure springs etc. all free and working well, reassembled.
  • Rear derailleur – jockey wheels removed assessed and reassembled.
  • Frame – checked for damage and possible weakness.
  • Wheels – checked for true,
tyre pressure and condition checked for safety.
  • Drive train – dismantled, assessed for true, outer gear cables checked for damage or internal blockages and rust replaced if required*. Gear alignment checked to ensure smooth, trouble free transmission and reassembled. Chain de-greased, checked for wear, replaced if required*, re-greased and fitted, checking for correct size. Rear cassette / freewheel removed, fully stripped, deep cleaned, assessed, re-assembled.
  • Brakes 
- outer cables checked for damage or internal blockages and rust, replaced if required*. Brake calipers cleaned and checked for free movement of springs etc. Brake pads checked for wear and replaced if required*.
  • Cockpit – bar tape professionally cleaned (white brought back to white). Brake levers checked and tightened if required. Bars re-attached to stem at correct torque.

*Prices do not include any replacement parts.


BLEED AND RE-SET £25 (full system)

There are two types of hydraulic brake fluid these are Dot and Mineral. Which your bike has determines how often you should bleed your brakes (hydraulic service). 
DOT fluid has a lifespan of 12 months (including its shelf life), so don’t buy a tub of Dot fluid that has been sat on the shelf at your local Halfords for six month’s or its only going to last you another six months. 
And don’t spill it on your bike, it’s like paint stripper! 
MINERAL fluid has a lifespan of five years, harmless to your bike’s paintwork and generally more cost effective. 
However, DOT fluid does out perform mineral fluid.

Our hydraulic service ensures trouble free braking. 
We will see to it that your brake system is working flawlessly, making sure all the parts are clean, with no leaks, correctly bled, with good pads and true disks. This service is probably the most important you will have, it could save your life.


Electronic Shifting Diagnostics


The Shimano DI2 electronic shifting system is probably the most popular on the market and to keep your system effective and in order it requires constant diagnostic checks and updates to the system.
We at RODE Cycles can hook up your bike to the shimano Web system and carry out all diagnostic checks, fault checking, gear manipulation and firmware updates to ensure your bike is at its peak level. This needs to be done as part of your annual service and with the small cost of £40.00 it’s a small price to pay for continued excellence. Remember if you’re DI2 system malfunctions while you’re out on the road, there are very few things that can be done on the roadside. So don’t put yourself in that position and keep it running true.


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